This photo series called “So close that is far” is devoted to discovering the individual through his or her personal belongings. This work is very personal to me, because it is about my dearest person, i.e. my mum.

Dramatic changes came into my life, I moved to Uganda, which transformed my relations with my mum. A new chapter of my life made me leave home and become more independent. Separation. Such a cumbersome word, devouring bonds between us and our parents.
Now, when I visit my mother very rarely, it makes me understand that I am losing touch with this place, it belongs to my mother, whom I am starting to see in a new way. As one adult sees another adult. This was how I got the idea to tell about my mum through her personal things. I wanted to dig into family archives and discover the mum I don’t know yet. This was how I re-discovered my closest person.
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